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I still remember when I first got this phone with its handsfree earpiece, and talking to the weird thing that attached to the back and plugged into phone that worked as your receiver and mic. It would have been great for texting, but at the time they released this in Canada texting was just starting to takeoff. Very few people used texting or even heard of it yet.
I had this as my very first phone when I was 12. It was a very unusual phone back then because it does not call without a headset but it was a perfect one. It was a cool phone at the same time because it is the only phone back then with a qwerty keypad.
Great basic phone with QWERTY keyboard. No 3G only dial-up WAP. Used to text on it all the time. Buttons so much easier than pecking at glass.
had this phone for a few months. its ok if you're a strict texter, but its very annoying when you make/receive calls. you have to plug in the headset. and theres no point in always keeping the headset plug since it cant even play mp3s. cute, but not practical.
I bought this phone because it was cute; a few days later though, I realized how a liability it was. Lost an important job interview because that one day I forgot to bring the headset. Didn't realize that one needed it to talk. Sold the phone right after.
The only feature i loved about this phone was that i could type using the full qwerty keyboard. Motorola (to personal experience) and customer survey, is most likely not to be on your christmas wishlist. My V100 gave me endless problems. The screen would magically flip mirror, or read upside down. Sometimes it would split in half, then the halves would swop around or one would flip. Don't even get me started on how many earphone sets i went through with this phone. 4 sets in a matter of 7 months. Not from using too much, but from pure poor quality. The price i paid per earphone set (original motorola) was about 80% of the total phone price, which means in the time I've owned that one, i could've bought another 3 phones!
What a blast from the past - this was my first ever mobile phone! I thought it was the best phone ever, even though it (incredibly annoyingly) needed a hands free set to be able to talk on the damn thing...

Did you have a V.box? Did you write reviews or interview people about it? Work on this device at Motorola? Share your story to add human context to this device. Thx! :)