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ManufacturerNokia Corporation
Device NameN-Gage QD


I still rem the day my friend bought it, and when he showed me. Mind. Blown. We were roommates back then, college hostel, freshmen, 2004. It was stolen from our room about a month later. So to find out which of our hostel/batch mate took it, we looked at people’s pockets all week long. Most phones were straight candy bars back then, and a N-Gage was quite distinguishable in a jeans pocket, or so we thought. Ah, the simpler times. Never found it though :(.

Thanks to you, today i talked to him after god know how many years. Also, he reminded me – since he lost his N-Gage, his dad later got him a 6610.
Has one at school, had it taken away from me because they thought it was a game boy; has to tell them it was a phone for emergencies. Showed them ?